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AWARD (Ace Worldwide Action for Revitalizing Sustainable Development)
Center For Disaster Preparedness and Management
Center for Poverty Reduction and Income Distribution
Center for Excellence in Rural Development
Fozia Sultana Welfare Fund
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Election Audit and Proposed Reforms
(Aug 23, 2014) Article on the current situation in the country.
The stubbornness of both the parties has brought the country in a dead-end street. The present political crises have caused a loss of billions of rupees to the national economy. Read President Ayub Khan's book 'Friends not Master' and one will be ashamed what the politicians at that time were doing. Read More >>
Download - Election Audit and Proposed Reforms (PDF)

Chaudhry Inayatullah  joined Twitter
(August 20, 2014)
Nine out of ten demands of Tahir Ul Qadri relate with social development so Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should announce mega social development Program & tax reforms.
View Profile & more Tweets @ChaudhryInayat >>

National Zero Hunger Program being set up under the National Food and Nutrition Security Policy
(Feb 20, 2013) As a follow up to the national food security workshop held in March 2012, speaking at the ‚€œNational Workshop on Food and Nutrition Security¬Ě, Dr. C. Inayatullah presented the broad contours of the National Zero Hunger Program. Read More
Food and Nutrition Security in Pakistan (PDF)

Bracing For Climate Change
(Jan 29, 2013) Almost 40 per cent glaciers in Afghanistan have been reduced in 40 years, whereas the glaciers supplying water to Ravi, Chenab, Beas and Jhelum Rivers are thinning, said Dr Chaudary Inayatullah, Climate Change Expert at Save the Children. He said that temperatures were likely to increase by at least 0.5 degrees centigrade per decade with significant implications for agriculture, food insecurity and malnutrition rates that were already beyond emergency thresholds in many flood prone districts that make up the Indus Basin. Read More

National Zero Hunger Program
(April 24, 2012) The seminar was organised to address the critical question of food security and to view the governments National Zero Hunger Action Plan (NZHAP) in this context. The NZHAP is a government initiative to address the problem of food insecurity facing the country, including hunger and malnutrition. The $16 billion five year plan aims to reach out to almost 61 million people across the country. Read More

National Zero Hunger Program Workshop
(March 21, 2012) Aimed at attaining food security and reducing malnourishment in Pakistan, a National Zero Hunger Programme has been inaugurated by the Prime Minister (PM) Yousaf Raza Gilani. The PM has also announced the establishment of National Council for Food Security comprising representatives of federal and provincial governments, private sector and civil society. Read More

Drought may force NA people to migrate to Punjab
(March 19, 2012) Dr C Inayatullah from World Food Programme said that in case global warming is not checked, glaciers will decline and a drought period will follow which will force the people living in NA to migrate though Punjab and other areas will also be affected.
He said that temperatures in Pakhtunkhwa increased in the last century. He said that deviation in temperature modes was also observed in Gilgit, Skardu, Hunza and Astore.
Read More

Climate Change, Water and Food Security
(February 16, 2012) Deliberating on water, energy, adaptation, gender equity and livelihoods, the climate stakeholders adopted a resolution on the concluding day of Track-II Dialogue on (Climate) Change for peace which was jointly organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and Heinrich Boll Stiftung (HBS) on Wednesday.
They stressed on both countries to work together to address common challenges posed by the climate change in order to achieve food and energy security, sustainable livelihoods, conservation of biodiversity, enhanced water use.
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