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Project Formulated and Funds Mobilized

1.     2009- Interacted with the Asian Development Bank, and was able to earn the project entitled “Promoting Climate Change Impact and Adaptation in Asia and the Pacific”.  The project aims to take a stock of the impacts of climate change on water availability in the Indus Basin, review the ADB portfolio of projects related with the subject and formulate a project document for further technical assistance to Pakistan in water sector.

2.     2008- Developed a project with German assistance entitled “Capacity Building for Improved Monitoring and Assessment of Snow, Ice and Water Resources in the Indus Basin”.  This is a regional project covering Afghanistan and Pakistan and is in operation now.

3.     2007- Developed a project with German assistance to establish a “Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management” in the University of Peshawar, Peshawar.  The centre is fully functioning and one-year diploma classes have been started.

4.     2006- Developed a UN Joint Project, with the involvement of FAO, ILO, WFP, IFAD, WHO and UNDP for restoring livelihoods of poor communities in earthquake affected areas of AJK and NWFP.  The project financing (Euro 9 million) was mobilized from the European Union.  This exercise involved extensive consultations / negotiations with the UN Agencies, Civil Society Organizations, and district / provincial and federal authorities.  The approval process involved extensive consultations with the authorities of Federal / Provincial Govt., Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA), and various UN Agencies.  The project has been completed.

5.     2005- Formulated second phase of the “Area Development Program Balochistan” to replicate the developed methodologies in 9 poverty stricken districts (arid mountainous ecosystem).  The project focuses on community / institutional development, restoration of agriculture, afforestation, watershed management, water harvesting and conservation, etc. For this project, mobilized substantial amount of funds from the Govt. of Balochistan.

6.     2005- The “Lachi Poverty Reduction Project” co-funded by UNDP and DFID has been successfully implemented in rugged mountainous terrain of Lachi Tehsil, District Kohat and document to have its successor project to scale up the pilots (established in the spirit of poverty-environment nexus- water conservation & harvesting, range/livestock/watershed management, and institutional development, etc.) was developed.

7.     2004-05- Prepared document for the project “Community Development Project for the Rehabilitation of Waterlogged and Saline Land”.  The project is basically designed in the spirit of poverty-environment nexus.  It has been piloted that by growing deep-rooted and salt-resistant tree species in degraded lands, soil productivity could be restored and thus poverty reduced.  For this project, mobilized US $ 9.14 million from the Govt. of Punjab on cost-sharing basis.

8.     2004- Drafted project document to mobilize US $ 0.5 million from the UN Trust for Human Security Fund to establish pilot projects for establishing water supply schemes in drylands (rugged mountainous terrain) of Lachi Tehsil, district Kohat.

9.     2003- Drafted document for the “National Urban Poverty Alleviation Program” (NUPAP) and implemented it in 4 provinces (10 cities), addressing issues of sanitation, water supplies and overall poverty reduction and environmental restoration in urban slums.  For this project, mobilized US $ 245,000 from the Govt. of Punjab, US $ 500,000 from the Govt. of NWFP and US $ 500,000 from the private sector.  The entry point in this project was sewage and solid waste management in collaboration with the municipalities through the organization of Citizens Community Boards. 

10.  2002- Developed the project “Support for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals” in collaboration with the Pakistan Human Development Fund / National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) for a financing of $ 10 million (mainly raised from philanthropists).  The project focused on improving health and education in the poverty stricken districts and is now in operation with the Govt. financing.

11.  2001- Developed the project “Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development Facility” with seed financing from Capacity 21.  Under this project a “Centre for Research on Poverty Reduction and Income Distribution” was established in the Planning Commission.  The purpose of the project was to support the Planning Commission in analyzing poverty data and undertake poverty policy research and advocacy, and organize independent surveys to monitor the poverty situation.

12.  Designed and developed a project for UNDP China / Chinese Private Sector in the spirit of public-private partnership for US $ 40 million to involve the private sector / NGOs in human development.  It involved extensive discussions / negotiations with the Chinese Govt. officials / corporate sector.


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