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Dr. Chaudhry Inayatullah earned his PhD from USA in 1985, and served in various capacities in the Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux (1976-1981), US Department of Agriculture (1985-1986), Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (1986-1990), International Centre for Insect Physiology & Ecology, Kenya (1990-1994), Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad (1994-1997), UNDP (1997 to April 2007), and International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) (from April 2007 to March 2012).  He has a meritorious record throughout his career, and was awarded by the national and international institutions for first-class performance.  A few examples are: (i) three times awarded by the UNDP for excellent performance and then Best-Officer of the Year Award conferred by UNDP in 2002, (ii) J. H. Comstock Outstanding Graduate Student Award conferred by the Entomological Society of America (first foreign student in the history of the society to win the award), (iii) cash award by the National Book Council for writing BEST BOOK on modeling and forecasting, (iv) awarded Gold Star by the Farm Guide Hamdard Foundation for excellent research performance, and (v) awarded BRONZE MEDAL by the Univ. of Agri., Faisalabad. 

Dr. Inayatullah has 36 years of experience [10 years with UNDP (1997 to 2007), 4 years with ICIPE, Kenya (1991-1994)] an in-depth experience of leading and managing complex, mulit-locational national / international programs.  At UNDP he managed the Sustainable Livelihoods Unit of UNDP Pakistan; and annually delivered 5-8 million USD through projects.  During his service with UNDP, he developed new projects and programs and was instrumental in mobilizing some USD 46 million plus from bilateral donors, trust funds and Governments for various projects.  One of his assignments also included the tracking of expenditures and flow of funds for all the UNDP funded projects, advise the Resident Representative on allocation of resources for various projects, and preparation of briefs for high-level delegations to UNDP Pakistan. He developed RBMS for UNDP projects, organized several project / thematic evaluations and Country Review; and was the focal point for preparing Strategic Results Framework, Results-Oriented Annual Reports and other corporate reports required by the UNDP Hqtr.

He supervised 8 community-based development projects addressing poverty-environment nexus issues in the rain-fed as well as tropical climate.  He coordinated a regional study on poverty-environment nexus under the South-Asia Poverty Alleviation Project and implemented ideas collected from the region in his Pakistan based projects. In one project, some 16,000 acres of land was rehabilitated by growing salt resistant trees and shrubs. In Balochistan and NWFP projects, the projects rehabilitated 2,000 acres of rangeland and watersheds, promoted high-efficiency irrigation techniques and constructed some 120 mini-dams / water ponds to conserve rainwater for irrigation /drinking supplies and groundwater recharging. Based on his prior experience of working in  AJK (worst hit earthquake area), in 2005 he formulated a major project for the restoration of environment and livelihoods of poor communities in the earthquake affected areas of AJK and NWFP with co-financing of 9 million Euros from the European Union.  He developed a project entitled “Capacity Building for Improved Monitoring and Assessment of Snow, Ice and Water Resources in the Indus Basin” with German financing.  He conceived and facilitated the establishment of “Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management” in collaboration with the Univ. of Peshawar and GTZ and Centre for Poverty Reduction and Income Distribution with UNDP assistance. 

Dr. Inayatullah undertook several policy research and advocacy studies while at the Sustainable Development Policy Institute and his work led to policy reforms at the federal level.

He has a working experience in USA, Kenya, Sudan, Malaysia, China, Nepal, Philippines and Pakistan and has worked with DFID, AusAID, International Water Management Institute, European Union, and Govt. of Japan for mobilizing resources; UN Agencies (UNDP, FAO, ILO, WFP, UNIDO, UN Habitat, UNESCO & UNDESA), CIMMYT, ICIPE, and Federal and Provincial Governments either for jointly mobilizing resources for projects or implementing joint projects.  Dr. Inayatullah has some 175 pieces of published work in his credit, which includes: 8 books and 63 original research papers.

Dr. Inayatullah is a member of the IUCN Commission on Ecosystems Management, Honorary Technical Advisor to the Ministry of National Food Security & Research and Department of Environment, Wildlife and Fisheries, KPK Province, Member of the Planning Commission’s Task Force on Climate Change, National Task force for the Development of Rangeland Policy, Member of Editorial Board Pakistan Journal of Agri. Research and Pakistan Journal of Meteorology.

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