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Policy Research and Advocacy Experience

1.     Advocacy on Water- Conceived and organized an Intl’ symposium on “Community Based Approaches for Integrated Water Resources Management” through the LPRP, partnering with International Water Management Institute, Rural Support Program Network, DFID and Global Water Partnership (GWP). In this symposium the best practices coming out from the LPRP and Biosaline projects were shared with the stakeholders. The symposium was attended by the Federal / Provincial Ministers and delegates from China, Sri Lanka, Australia, UK and Sweden.

2.     2003- Conceived and organized a symposium on “Pro-Poor Growth Policies” on March 17, 2003, which was attended by 200+ persons including the key Govt. officials, civil society organizations and research academia. The symposium proceedings have been published and widely circulated.

3.     Organized the production of “National Human Development Report-2002” which focused on governance and poverty in Pakistan.  Engaged a research team and presented the results to the Government and bilateral donors.  Several recommendations of the report were accepted by the Government in the forthcoming poverty programs.

4.     During my tenure with SDPI, I worked on the hazardous use of pesticides in Pakistan, undertook meta research on the uses of various kinds of pesticides, their residues in food items and in blood stream of agricultural workers (particularly cotton pickers) and launched an advocacy campaign in print and electronic media to ban the hazardous pesticides.  Consequently, my report was discussed in the national parliament and in response to this the pesticides legislation was reviewed and the use of target pesticides in the country was banned.

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