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 Grants Awarded


1.     Sustainable Cotton Production, Trade and Environment.  Sponsored by the WWF International.

2.     Modeling and Forecasting for Pest Management.  Grant awarded by the National Book Council of Pakistan for writing a book.

3.   IPM System for Fruit Flies.  Sponsored by the University Grants Commission, Islamabad. Co-Principal Investigator, PI Dr. Liaqatullah Khan.

4.    Evaluation of Wheat, Barley and Sorghum Germplasm for Resistance to the Greenbug, Schizaphis graminum (Rondani).  Sponsored by USAID/Science Program.

5.    Improving the Skill of Rural Women in Pest Control and its Impact on overall Crop Protection. Sponsored by USAID/MART. June 1989 to March 1990. (Training Course).

6.  Management of Insect and Weed Pests of Rice and Sugarcane.  Sponsored by USDA under PL-480 Program.  I acted as PI from September 1987 to June 1988.

7.    Technological Shift in Rice-Wheat Production and its Bearing on the Incidence of their Insect Pests.  Sponsored by NARC and CIMMYT.  February 1987 to December, 1990.

8.   Greenbug Biotypes and the Development of Resistant Varieties of Small Grains Against them.  1982-85.  Sponsored by USDA, Oklahoma Wheat Foundation and Oklahoma State University, USA.

9.     Management of Dingy Cutworm. 1981-82.  Sponsored by the North Dakota State University, USA.

10.  Studies on Potential Biological Control Agents of Whiteflies in Pakistan.  1979-82.  (I left for USA in June, 1981, so this Project was not completed by me).

11.   Supply of Apanteles flavipes to Trinidad. 1981.  Sponsored by the West Indian Station, CIBC.

12.  Supply of Parasites of Sugarcane Borers to Pakistan. 1976-78.  Sponsored by the Plant Protection Institute, Lyallpur and various Sugar Mills.

13. Supply of Parasites of Graminaceous Borers to Indonesia. 1976-78.  Sponsored by the Indonesian Sugarcane Experiment Station, Indonesia.

14.  Further Studies on Parasite Host Relationships in  Relation to Control of Insect Crop Pests.  1976-79.  Sponsored by the USDA under PL-480 Program.

15. Studies on the Insect Pollinators of Important Crops and Factors Effecting their Efficiency.  1974-76.  Sponsored by the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, under National Development Volunteer program.

16.  Morphology of Ladybird Beetles. 1974-76.  Sponsored by the University of Agriculture, Lyallpur.

 Projects successfully completed

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