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Administration and Management

1.     From April 2007 to March 2012, I served the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) as Regional Program Coordinator.  The principal tasks were to develop the country program in the context of regional priorities, mobilization of resources, oversight of the implementation of activities, networking and representation of ICIMOD in high level Government meetings, advocacy and enhancement of the image of ICIMOD. 

2.     From March 2001 to May 2006, I managed the Sustainable Livelihoods Unit of UNDP Pakistan; and annually delivered between 5 and 8 million US dollars to poor communities through projects (# of projects varied from 13 to 24 per year) (more than 40% expenditure of the entire Country Office).  The staff members supervised in the unit were 5, and about 200 engaged in various projects located all over Pakistan.  This assignment included: recruitment of staff through competitive process; their coaching for skill enhancement and career development; recruitment of national and international consultants; review and feedback on the submissions of the consultants; processing of advance payments to projects; payments to vendors through direct payments on behalf of the projects; financial planning and monitoring; pre-audit, audit and follow up of its recommendations; reconciliation of financial statements; overseeing the procurement of technical inputs and equipment for projects; management / disposal of fixed-assets; arranging project / thematic evaluations; monitoring for the production of results; and preparation of financial and technical reports for the Government, UNDP Headquarters and donors. I was one of the team members to develop the UNDP Results-Based Management System (RBMS) and was coordinating for the production of Results-Oriented Reports (ROAR), and development and  monitoring of UNDAF.  I screened all the UNDP projects (Governance, Gender, Poverty and Environment portfolios) and developed RBMS system for those.

3.     From May 2006 to April 2007 supervised the Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, and the principal tasks undertaken were: organization of Country Program Review; development and implementation of evaluation plan; certification of disbursements; maintenance of financial discipline in projects; tracking record of advances / expenditures / delivery by projects; organization of annual audit and follow up of its recommendations; preparation of reports for the Country Office / Headquarters on resource allocation and use by the projects; preparation of database for knowledge management; and implementation of the project “Capacity for Efficient Delivery of Achievable Results” (CEDAR).  I organized the mid-term evaluation of the UNDP Country Program during 2006.

4.     Implemented “Area Development Program AJK” in Neelum and Jehlum valleys of the AJK from 2001 to its closure in 2003.  The focus of the project was improvement of livelihoods of poor communities by improving rural infrastructure (village paths/culverts/bridges, micro-hydels, irrigation channels, etc.), training in agriculture, sericulture, aquaculture, afforestation, provision of micro-credit, skill development and micro- and small enterprise establishment and by creating an enabling environment by establishing grassroot institutions (community organizations, cluster organizations & NGOs) as well as capacity building of the Govt. institutions (Extension Services Management Academy, Planning & Development Dept., Forest / Agriculture / Fisheries / Depts.).

5.     Implemented “Northern Areas Development Program” from 2001 to its closure in 2003.  It was basically the emulation of the AJK Area Development Program mentioned above, however, its implementation was difficult due to cultural, gender and religious sensitivities and security issues.  However, with strategic and tactical moves, I was able to boost delivery to about one million dollars per annum which was a few thousand dollars in the past.

6.     Implemented “Area Development Program Balochistan” from 2001 to May 2006 in 9 districts of Balochistan province (arid mountainous ecosystem).  The focus of the project was again integrated rural development with an aim to improve livelihoods of poor communities locked in difficult to access valleys.  The interventions were: social mobilization and community organization, vocational skill training, micro-credit, micro- and small-enterprise development, training in IT and development of IT Centres, agriculture, fruit and vegetable production, afforestation, training in post-harvest processing, watershed management, livestock, water conservation and harvesting, etc.

7.     Implemented “Lachi Poverty Reduction Project” from 2001 to May 2006 in Lachi Tehsil, District Kohat (rugged mountainous terrain).  The project focus was integrated rural development with an aim to lift 100,000 poor households out of poverty.  This project also followed social mobilization and community organization approach and the major interventions were: human resource development, rural infrastructure development / rehabilitation, training in IT and establishment of IT Centres, agriculture, watershed management, livestock, and water harvesting and conservation.  After successful piloting, developed successor project and mobilized funds to scale-up these projects to have a wider geographical coverage.

8.     During my assignment (1991-1994) with the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, Nairobi, Kenya, I supervised the Desert Locust Control Program in the absence of the Program Leader, which involved human resource management (20 national and international staff members), procurement, financial management and production of results to achieve project objectives.  I extensively traveled in Red-Sea coastal areas to monitor the locusts and test new techniques of its control.

9.     During my assignment with the National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan (1985-1990), I directed the Integrated Pest Management Program and Entomological Research Laboratories, and supervised 20 research professionals plus support staff, mobilized funds for various projects, arranged procurement of inputs; and managed the financial resources. 

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