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 Specialized Software Development


I  have a special interest in the development of computer softwares related to entomological research.  I have developed the following softwares in collaboration with the Computer Science Department, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad:

1.     PEST-MAN:  An Expert System for the Management of Rice and Sugarcane Pests. Programming Language: Turbo Prolog.

2.     AGROECOSYSTEM:  A Software for Developing the Sequential Sampling Plans. Programming Language: Turbo Pascal.

3.     LIFETABLE:  A Software for Developing the Life-tables.  Programming Language: BASIC

4.     INSECTA:  A Software for the Maintenance of Insect Museums, and handling of taxonomic, biological, natural enemy and control data of a species.  Programming Language: DBASE III+.

5.     COTTON: An expert system for the Management of Cotton Pests.  Programming Language: Turbo Prolog.

6.     STEMBORER: A software for simulating the development and survival of rice stem borers in different tillage systems. Programming Language: Turbo Pascal.





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