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Unconditional love of a German shepherd

It was 20th of July 2017, when my friend, a 9-year old German Shepherd bitch, came to my bedroom and expressed as she was uncomfortable, she was changing her positions here and there and finally came closer to myself and sat down with a very low energy. Prior to this she has been vomiting once in a while for the last about 2 months. I told to my wife, that my daughter named Mishy is not comfortable so take her to a vet, as I am busy. Mishy was taken to a vet and diagnosed as suffering from gastritis. She was given medicines and vet advised to get her admitted in the clinic for overnight to hydrate her. I went to see my hearty daughter and she instantly stood up, greeted me and desired to go out from here. I loved her for about an hour and came back home with the advice to her to stay here overnight. She listened carefully and calmly obeyed me. She came back home apparently healthy.

On 27th July 2017, my wife, myself and youngest son departed for Malaysia to see my elder sons, but immaculate arrangements for Mishy’ food and care were made. Our batman was there to take care her and our maid was there to cook food for her. This was a normal routine and Mishy understands very well. After 2 days my servant Laiq called and informed that Mishy is again vomiting, and I advised him to take her to the vet immediately. She was again hospitalized, and after several tests vet informed that she is suffering from kidney failure and is being given proper treatment. After 3 days, the vet informed that Mishy is not responding to medicines, so we should take her back home so that she should have some time with the family. I refused and asked him to keep her in the hospital and take good care of her. At 5 AM on 8th August 2017, I received a message from the vet that Mishy is in serious condition, followed by another message at 11 AM that she was taken to emergency but could not survive.

This news was like a bombshell on my family, myself and friends. All the family members were crying on this sad demise of our important family member to us. The vet called to take her dead body, and I advised Laiq and a friend to collect it from the vet and wrap her in white cloth and burry her in our lawn so that I have her memories all the time. She gave me unconditional love, affection and happiness all the time, and I feel that she deserved some space in our home. I lost my dear friend and loving daughter. The only thing that bothers me is that when I will return home on 20th August, she will not be there to welcome me as usual and that will be a difficult moment for me. I feel that she may be complaining to me that she loved me always but when it was her difficult time I was not with her to console. Being a dog, she loved me all the time and being a human I left her when she was in need of me, I feel guilty because of this. But we as humans have been engaged with so many activities and pressing deadlines that perhaps animals do not understand. They love and expect love all the time.

Mishy was so cute, all the family members loved her and virtually fed her with all the food that we eat. During winter, it is a custom in Pakistan to eat dry-nuts and that was my routine with the evening tea. Mishy will sit closer to me and ask to also give her nuts. Even the most expensive pine-nuts were her favourite. One time she was asking to give her pine-nuts [very small in size but delicious], and I started to peel those and give her without myself eating. She did not like this and desired that I and she should eat on our turn. She loved almonds, cashew, groundnut, and walnuts. It was very funny to watch her eating walnuts. She will crack a walnut in her mouth and then, remove all the grain and eat. She was always the first one to welcome me at dinning table in the morning, and always enjoyed eating with me boiled egg [with black-pepper and salt] and toast with butter and honey. She was my lovely daughter.

Whenever I was away from home she will be waiting for me all the time. She had tunned her ears with the sound of my car engine and will sense it about 1 km away. She immediately would start shouting on Laiq, my wife and sons to open the gate immediately as papa has come. But if I was at home, then she will not behave like this, even the returning family member was using the same car. She used to jump on me and hug me, but when I used to tell her that these are prayer clothes, don’t touch, she will never do that and quietly sit in front of our main door. One time she was young, she was playing football with my younger son, Hassan, and while struggling to get the ball from him, she badly scratched his leg and it was bleeding. I was harsh on Mishy that what she did. She immediately went to her sitting point and put her leash in her mouth to pretend that she has been tied up and will not play. She was cute.

Mishy was careful about the household items. Onetime, a broken plastic bucket was discarded in the dustbin lying in the backyard. She observed that and brought back the bucket as she thought it was done mistakenly. One time my driver was taking an old bed for his use with our permission, she caught him at the gate and forced him to return the bed back to its place. One time, when she was only one year old, my wife Fozia, forget her gold earrings in the corridor, and we went out home for some business. My wife was worried about her earrings that any servant may take those away but when we returned home, Mishy was sitting nearby the earrings. Our maid told that she saw the earrings and wanted to keep at a safe place, but Mishy became violent on her.

She was so cute and naughty that my elder son, Umar, punished her for not obeying to him, she got angry and quietly picked his shoes and threw those in the dustbin. This was her routine for several days until he apologised to her. One time at about 6 months age she developed scabies, I took her to a vet and he recommended that this pup is of no use now, throw it away and he will give me a good one. I hugged Mishy and replied to doctor ‘if your daughter gets sick, will you throw that away, Mishy is my daughter and I will get her the best treatment’. She was given an antibacterial, antifungal cream for treatment twice a day, but she was not recovering. One day my wife discovered the reason and called me and asked to observe. She put the paste on Mishy’s face, but Mishy ran immediately to the lawn and started to rub her face on grass and removed all the cream by rubbing herself on the grass and even from the head by tilting herself upside down and rubbing her head on the grass. Then I took her to the vet, who decided to give her an injection, and Mishy got afraid and started to tremble. I hugged her and explained to her about the procedure, she listened carefully and then quietly accepted the injection. Loyalty was in her genes when young she would collect shoes of myself or my wife and make those as her pillow for sleeping. She was a total love.

Mishy had developed a friendship with crows and other birds. We observed that a crow will bring a small piece of bone for her every day and in return, she will allow him to eat her food. That was a daily routine, though I discouraged. She used to hide the bone immediately and eat when I am away. She was naughty too. One time paintwork was going on in our home, but Mishy did not like the painters, she used to bark at them madly, often urinate or defecate close to their paint boxes, I discouraged her to do that. Then perhaps she told her friend crows to drive away painters from home. They [about 20] suddenly developed enmity with the painters and used to shout on them upon sight and try to injure them with their powerful claws.

She was very possessive with her belongs, leash, combs, utensils, bedding, home, pillows, sofa, etc. One time I was on a mission to the Philippines and I bought very beautiful two-floor cushions. She immediately sat down on one of the pillows, and I just said that Mishy I have brought these for you. Since that day, it was Mishy’s property, she will never let anybody take those pillows. Even one time, we observed her dragging those pillows into her dog-house. One time, I returned from an overseas trip and asked my sons to open my suitcase and collect their gifts from the suitcase. Mishy was the first to jump in the suitcase to find her toy and chewing bone. My youngest son, brought another pup about 8 months ago, whom Mishy did not accept. One day she saw me playing with the new pup in the lawn, she ran away from the scene despite my calling several times and hid herself behind flower pots. I realized the mistake and immediately found her, hugged and consoled her and since then I never touched the new pup as Mishy has declared that I am her papa only.

Mishy always loved to have photo-shoots of her with anyone. One time we took her to Murree a hill station to watch snowing. At the main road, named as Mall Road, young boys and girls wanted to have pictures with Mishy, and she was happily giving good shots with everyone. All the crowd over there encircled her and getting pictures with her and she was so pleased that she is being treated like a queen. Of course, she came to our home as a princess, lived the life like a queen and died in a well-equipped vet hospital like a queen under the care of a famous veterinarian, Dr Faisal. I gave a compensation of US $ 500 to a local person for Mishy, who got her mother from a German diplomat as a gift. She was born on 25 March 2009, and after one week my whole family [3 boys and wife] went to take her, she had hardly opened her eyes and sitting like a handsome toy with her mother and 5 brothers and sisters like a princess. Mishy was my wife’s choice, who in fact raised here like her real daughter [we don’t have any daughter], and always shampooed her with her own shampoo and hair conditioner so that her triple-coat [like a fur jacket] should not get spoiled. Mishy always rejected white-flour and liked only brown flour bread and handmade bread by my wife. She was copying me all the time.

Mishy is no more with us but her memories are difficult to forget by me as well as my family. The only guilt that I feel is that I was not with her during the last moments of her life when she was in need of me. She may be “thinking that I loved you being an animal and you engaged yourself in your activities”, but Mishy you should understand that I have to go out to earn bread and butter for you and your Mom and brothers”. Oh, Mishy forgive me, in your memories I will work for animal rights for the rest of my life, Mishy please forgive us for the sake of God, please forgive us for any misdoings that we might have done to you knowingly or unknowingly. Dr. Chaudhry Inayatullah & family, owner and father of a German Shepherd Dog. Islamabad, Pakistan, 8 August 2017.

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